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Booking An Event

​The best way to start the process of booking an event with Splat Experience is to send us an e-mail at  If you are requesting information concerning "The Freak Show" please be sure to let us know.
Juli manages our calendar and all bookings. She will be able to see if the date you are requesting is available. Your e-mail will also give us an accurate indication of when the process started for our records.
Please include the following information in your e-mail request as completely as possible:
- Date of event requested
- Where the event will take place, city and state, or country if out of the USA.
- What type of an event it will be. (Church service, school, conference, festival, etc.)
- Projected number of people attending the event
- Which painting/s you would like for us to perform ,
     and please be sure to let us know if there will be multiple performances.
- IMPORTANT: include a phone number and an alternate number is possible.


As soon as we can process your request we will respond via phone or e-mail.


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