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The following information is for clients who bring Splat Experience in for an event. We hope some of this information is helpful to you:

     Food preferences: American, Italian, Mexican

     Food allergies: Black olives

     Drink preferences: Water and an occasional sweet tea (especially in the south)

Some ask us if Marc speaks at events. He does not speak during a painting performance, though he is willing to give a word of testimony at any time. He is also available in a church setting to speak in Sunday School classes if time allows.

When Marc performs at schools, it is common for him to open a time for questions and answers, as well as spending time visiting in classes. He can also read his children's books to younger students. His books are targeted toward first grade and early elementary.

When coming into town for an event, Marc would much rather spend time with the people he is working with than to be left at a hotel.

Marc Eckel

Wife: Juli

Sons: Beau, Tyler

     and Andrew

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