This portion of our business is still in development, though Splatkids is alive and well. Through our web store you can purchase our first Splatkids product, a CD featuring 13 original children's books by Splat Experience performance artist, and author, Marc Thomas Eckel. "Train Tales" is over 50 minutes of non-stop audio fun for kids of all ages - great for long rides in the car.


An easy reader book version of "Train Tales" is being written at this time.

"Stan the Snowman's Plan for a Summer Tan," the first in a series of books we are writing and illustrating for publication, is in final stages of illustration. So look for that book in coming days, along with other stories that will "train your children in the way they should go."   (Proverbs 22:6)

Also coming are videos for kids from kids, coloring book contests, t-shirts and so much more! 

"Splatkids, is where it's at, kids!"

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